Silkscreen new.

30 septiembre, 2016

«Strawberry fields» // Mi nueva serigrafía // New Silkscreen.

Hand screenprinted graphic print. The paper is acid free.

A screenprint is created by pushing coloured ink through a screen. The screen is a finely woven polyester mesh stretched over a frame which supports a stencil. The stencil has been created using a UV light sensitive emulsion exposed to a hand cut paper positive which recreates the image as a stencil on the screen. The print comes in different colours and on different papers.

Designed, signed and numbered by the artist. Edition of twelve inks silk screen range from 1 to 30 prints.

Artist: Lucía Huertas
Tittle: “Strawberry fields;
Date: 2016
Technique: SilkScreen edition.
Paper: Canson Montval 300gr

Strawberry fields


Esta serigrafía consta de 30 ejemplares estampados a 12 tintas sobre papel Canson Montval de 300g libre de ácidos. Edición diseñada, firmada y numerada por el propio artista.

Autor : Lucía Huertas
Título :Strawberry fields.
Fecha : 2016
Técnica: Serigrafía.
Papel : Canson Montval 300gr
Dimensiones de la estampa: 42,5 x 31 cm


You can buy it online in this link, is sent all over the world.